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Prayer Shawl



Those involved in this ministry should continue to knit and crochet the prayer shawls which they have begun. Pray daily for anyone suffering from the Covid-19 virus or any other ailment.

Until further notice Prayer Shawl meetings are canceled.




Prayer Shawl Ministry

The St. Mary Prayer Shawl Ministry began as an off shoot of the St. Mary Council of Catholic Women (CCW). At a CCW general meeting in November 2009 a guest speaker shared her parish’s experiences with their prayer shawl ministry. However, it wasn’t until a beloved parishioner was diagnosed with cancer that CCW member Janice Homolka organized the Prayer Shawl Ministry in 2010.  Across time membership extended beyond the ranks of CCW.  Yet the Ministry remained under the parental mantle of the CCW which offered assistance as needed. That shared relationship continues. 

From its inception the mission of the Ministry has been making shawls and praying for those suffering from cancer, other chronic illnesses, and profound life challenges. The dedication in the prayer shawl member handbook states: "May the work of our hands in creating these shawls be a visible sign of a 'Hug from God' to those in need." Members take this mission to heart by carefully and prayerfully creating shawls. To date over 1,000 shawls have been made.

The Ministry meets year round on the first Monday of the month with the exception of the months of January and July. When the first Monday falls on a holiday, the meeting is moved to the second Monday. Meetings are held in the Church Hall from 9:00-11:00 a.m. They consist of a short business session, the praying of the Fatima rosary, and personal intercessory prayers. Prayers are said while working on the shawls. In this way they are woven into the stitches of these mantles of hope and comfort. Interested in joining us? Come to a meeting. Check the bulletin for information.

Over the years grateful families have related stories of how their loved ones have been comforted by the reception of a shawl. Knowing that the shawls are made with love and prayerful concern makes these mantles precious to the recipients.


Gifting the Shawls

  Do you have a loved one who would benefit from receiving a shawl?

Shawls come in a variety of colors for men, women, and children. Shawls for adults measure 20” x 60”. While there is no cost for a shawl, free will donations are gratefully accepted to help sustain this ministry.

A parishioner may request a shawl by contacting the parish secretary at






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